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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

disgusted by the msgs sent to me -.-
keep asking wad time is band...
they don have ears isit??????
no schedule isit???????????
no eyes isit??????????
wad is the sls doing??
freaking irritated.........................................
damn it!! shytty things....
will go crazy

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

yesterday the seniors officially stepped down.... at first it was a nt so sad party.... thks to mr.de
it became miserable farewell party, in the sense that almost everyone cried out loudly...
maybe we were very close to the seniors.hence, actions speaks louder than word... we actually cried! Omg.... it was rather a meaningful day for all of us.... hope tat they would rmb us~~~ even after their o'lvls... i koe tat they will, so we dun say until like it is so saddening!!!
we still can meet people right, and play outside tgt whenever we r freee!! hehes
thus ur should rmb us and visit us more often, give us gd advice =) that would lead us and the band to a better world xD

holidays are coming hahas... projects getting more and more, so hardd!! gt bio maths still dunno gt wad very sian sia =(
too much thing to doo... like overloading truck zZzzZzZZZzz...
juniors giving us alot of headache.... nxt practice is so far away, still dun wan bring back instrument,dunno wad the hell they trying to do -.-
IF SYF is NT GD, they would deserve it, wad goes around comes around....
however, I WOULD NT LET IT HAPPEN!!! i will do my best~~~

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Friday, May 14, 2010

have ur ever wondered ? wad if death approach u?
would it be a disaster?
or will it be a good ending?
i don't know! wad i could think of is to cry my heart out....
i gt nobody to seek to =(
maybe juz some friends....
but i dun tell them eveything...
cos i think tat i would give them lots of troubles.........
whenever i thought of death, it will juz link to wad if my mum die one day?
would i be terribly helpless?
waiting for someone to save me?
or juz drown thr on my own?
i would probably chose the 2nd 1 ...
yeah, people might think that i'm crazy?
but did ur ever wonder about it?
when u lose ur kins?
u would feel helpless right?
u would wan to find a shoulder to lean on.....
all i wan to say is....treasure ur loved ones......

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decided to delete away all the post because it is a new start of my life again
I will forget the miserable past i had and remember the good things that happen

Strive hard for next year study yeah...
anyway, i dun think mr.er will stay any longer after the 3 months agreement.....
i've tried my best, but i could not outdo my best..
pretty weird right...
It sounds so foolish to me actually
because I know that there would be one day that he will leave...


Dun talk about the unhappy things lerh...
lets talk about something good =)
yesterday was the day that is for eating dumplings
and also the day for praying to my ancesstor
i ate 8 in a total!
that made me really full..
I also went to my aunt house to eat something really delicious.
Watch a series of I'm not stupid 2..
so damn funny in their languages hehehes.....


Ok.... this paragraph is for somebody who juz disappear for no reason...
Damn you, since you want to ignore me, why don u juz stop replying me in the first place
rather than making me wait till now...
you're such an IDIOT!
I'll remember what you have done to me...
don you ever let me catch u again

Its midnight 1.36am
and i'm sitting in front of a com type none stop for no reason
juz wanted to type out what i had always wanted to do!
play com till morning and kena scold..
its me xi guan.. xD

when will i have new game to play!!
so boring at home
faster school reopen larh
rather than staying at home like an useless kid....
staying at home makes me feel yucks!!!!
nobody cares about me
so HAI.......

Watch a soccer anime today, make me so frustrated because the author so lo so
keep on let the match time extend till i pek chek....
the extend time last for 3 episodes...
i skip alot of the playing time =)
then in the end so lousy LOLs.....

Juz now played counter strike with my brother and i killed 100!! weets
but after killing 100 i stopped...
cos my head very the pain
could not take it seh LOLs...
(everyday slp at 3am of cos pain larh!)
thats my life in the holiday... slp till 2pm and slp at 3am!
so oppsite right hehehs

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